No One in Korea Can Understand The Words Coming Out of Felix Pie’s Mouth

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Former Oriole Felix Pie seemed to always be a highly praised prospect. But Felix could never figure things out on the big league level. He is now playing center field for the Hanwha Eagles of Korea. It’s quite a hard fall, but what seems to be his biggest problem now is that no one in Korea can figure out what the hell he’s trying to say. Maybe that’s for the better, who knows.

Here are a few examples of Pie’s communication difficulties. In the video below it looks like Pie calls a timeout from center field to explain to his pitcher to throw strikes (thanks for the tip).  Pie then gets into a game of husband and wife communication with his left fielder trying to decided who’s taking the ball. At least if Felix was back in AAA somewhere his teammates could understand him, and he wouldn’t have problems ordering his dinner after the game.

Felix Pie from Hun on Vimeo.


Felix Pie Is the Real Life Rush Hour of Baseball…..


Interesting Orioles fact:  As Awful as Pie was, he’s the last Oriole to hit for the cycle, doing so on 8/14/09. Current Orioles, that’s a challenge for someone else to step up!

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