No More Pullin’ On Newports On The Ocean City Boardwalk Starting May 1.

News — February 6, 2015 at 10:16 pm by

Sand, surf, and cigs will be no more on Ocean City’s boardwalk starting May 1.  Ocean City’s town council voted to restrict smoking on the boardwalk and the beaches this week because cigarette smoke is killing everyone.  Plus, people find it disgusting.  Of course, the council didn’t ban smoking outright because a lot of people like to suck down cancer sticks while they’re on vacation.  There will now be designated smoking sections near the boardwalk and on the beach.  These smoking areas will be identified by orange barrels that will be used as butt receptacles. E-Cigs are included and the law will be self enforced. (In other words, po-po won’t haul you off to the clink for smoking where you aren’t supposed to.)

I’ve got mixed feelings about this.  I used to smoke and cigarette smoke has never really bothered me.  I don’t agree with bans in bars and restaurants because those are privately owned businesses and privately owned businesses should be able to dictate their own policies when it comes to smoking. However, in public places, if the local government wants to stop folks from puffing away, then I’m perfectly  okay with that.  Besides, most people think that cigarettes and other tobacco products smell terrible.  You can’t smoke anywhere anymore, anyway, so why not ban it from the Boards, too?   Smoking is going the way of the dodo bird, and it’s just a matter of time before it’s banned everywhere.  At least Ocean City was willing to accommodate smokers by zoning out designated huffing and puffing areas

But cigarettes were once the thing to do.  Everybody smoked. I know smoking isn’t cool anymore and I know that it kills folks on the daily, but where would Hollywood be without cigarettes?

The most badass of badass scenes is when Jimmy Conway decides to kill Morrie in Goodfellas.  It’s not as badass without the cigarette…

Bacall smoking in Casablanca.  C’mon, babes, you’d make-out with that ashtray mouth.

But you ain’t Deniro or Bacall, babes.  Face it, the glory days of the cig are over. So put the smokes out this summer or meet up and huddle around those orange barrels on the beach.

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