Nike Decides To Stick It To The Average NFL Fan

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Nike has now made the official NFL jersey for three years, and in those three years they have jacked their prices up twice.  The first increase came across the board on all three levels of jerseys in year one, and now they have raised the price on the mid-level and elite-level jerseys.  In the cases of the elite level jersey, the price went up over 20%.

The NFL, which is usually labeled the bad guy in situations like this, actually had nothing to do with this price increase.  This was Nike’s call all the way, as they set the price floor that retailers can sell their jerseys for.  The mid level jersey goes from $135 to $150, and the elite jersey goes from $250 to $295.

Nike gave no explanation for the drastic increase and only commented that the price of the level jersey will stay the same.  Statistics show that 70% of jerseys bought in the US are the level jerseys.  There is speculation that the reason for the increase is the sudden reemergence of counterfeit replica jerseys that are being illegally sold by fashion counterfeiters.  Fake jerseys were huge three years ago before Nike took over for Reebok, but it took a little time for the counterfeiters to adapt to the new Nike jerseys.  On any good fake jersey, there is the price tag with the official company’s logo still on it, and maybe it took some time to obtain those illegally from Nike. But can you really blame the average NFL fan for buying a perfectly fine fake jersey for 75 bucks that looks exactly like the $295 one?  I mean c’mon, we pay at least $100 for a ticket, plus parking, food, beer, and tailgating supplies, and all of a sudden going to an NFL game costs you over $300 on a good day.(God help you if you go out and celebrate after the game.). So excuse the fuck out of me Nike if you lose out on my money cause I’m sticking with the fake shit.(Lord knows it will only be soaked in beer by the end of the day anyway.)  But Nike reacts to counterfeiting by raising the price on the real thing as opposed to trying to be a little more competitive to the average fan.  I guarantee more people would buy the real thing if the price was more reasonable, but Nike is seeing things differently.  So be it.

At the end of the day Nike is going to continue to get their asses kicked by our local boys Under Armour.  It’s only a matter of time before Nike loses its monopoly over the jerseys and Under Armour gets the contract.

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