Nick Markakis Homers During Derek Jeter Chant To Kill Everyone In New York’s Vibe

Sports and Bets — September 26, 2014 at 12:53 am by

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Markakis turned what was meant to be a legendary final role call into something we Oriole fans can smirk at. I have all the “Re2pect” (so lame) in the world for the Yankees’ captain, and he deserves every bit of credit he gets for everything he’s done for the game. But I have to admit, when the fans felt like they were having their moment, chanting Derek’s name, it was pretty sweet seeing Markakis knock that ball over the right field fence.

Jeter deserved a walk-off hit in his final home game. Especially a weak shot into the hole between the first and second basemen, because that’s so Derek Jeter. I have to think Buck was trying to let him win the game, seeing that he put Evan Meek on the mound. Not to say Meek wasn’t trying to get him out, but let’s be real, Meek hasn’t gotten anyone out, ever. I wish Derek Jeter nothing but the best…view from his couch while watching the Birds tear it up in the playoffs bitches!

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