Nick Markakis Had Dinner With The Braves and I’m Officially Nauseous

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First Nelson Cruz flies the coop because the Orioles won’t give him a fourth year and now the Braves are wooing Nick Markakis with a dinner date in Monkton.  According to sources, the Braves sent their manager, Fredi Gonzalez, up to the rolling hills of northern Baltimore County for a meet and greet with our right field anchor.  That’s damn diabolical and I don’t like it one bit, especially since talks between Nick and the Birds have stalled.  I know Dan Duquette is deliberate as hell when it comes to free agency, but c’mon, babes.  The Birds are down 40 home runs now that Cruz is gone (Seattle), they seem to have no interest in signing ace reliever Andrew Miller (Yankees are pursuing), and now they’re letting a National League team flirt with Nicky Marks?  Not cool, DD, and the mere thought of all this is making me fucking sick.  I thought we were supposed to be on the cusp of a title?  What happened to that? Now I have the feeling we’ll be losing a lead-off hitter and clubhouse leader to go along with losing our clean-up masher and our shut-down reliever.  Only a Max Scherzer signing could make up for all of this and that’s about as likely to happen as me having dinner tonight in Monkton with Alexandra Daddario.


When your squad is just losing talent, free agency sucks, babes.  Dinner with Alexandra would not suck.



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