NFL: Ten Defensive Free Agents Who Will Be Overpaid This Offseason

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Last week Babes gave you 10 offensive free agents who he feels will command more cash than they’re really worth.  With the salary cap in place it’s important for organizations to recognize a player’s true value in relation to his ability and age.  But it’s human nature to over value someone who has performed well in the past.  Every year it seems a team gives big bucks to some Future Hall of Famer who is a little long in the tooth, or some one year or one game wonder coming off a big spike in performance; and theses mega deals eventually turn into money not very well spent.  Here, Babes runs down the defensive players who he feels will be overvalued this offseason.

Jared Allen DE-There is still some gas left in the tank, but I don’t foresee Allen taking a short term deal.  It’s gonna cost a team  three years and they’ll be paying for more name than production.

Jason Worilds– Whether you want to designate him a D End or rush linebacker, Worilds will be over paid by someone this offseason.  The Steelers, who are pretty good at recognizing talent at their most important defensive position, are willing to let him walk.  That should tell you what you need to know.

Jason  Hatcher DT–  Hatcher was the best defensive lineman last year for the Cowboys, but buyer’s beware of paying for last year’s production.  He hasn’t been a consistent player throughout his career, and he’ll be 32 next year.

Tony McDaniel DT-  Every year you see it, role players on Super Bowl teams getting overpaid on the open market.  Somebody will pay McDaniel like a starter, but he is best suited for a situational role.

Brandon Spikes ILB-  Spikes received a lot of exposure playing in New England, but he is simply not an every down linebacker.  The only thing he brings to the table is his play against the run.   But he is still pretty young, so he’ll still most likely be overpaid.

Wesley Woodyard OLB–  Another case of a player getting a ton of exposure because of the team he played on.  However Woodyard too often missed tackles and he was eventually benched late in the season.

Brent Grimes CB–  The guy is actually a stud corner.  But he has so many red flags that I can’t see why a team would give him a multi-year deal. But one will.  He is small, he has a history of major injuries, and he is on the wrong side of 30.

DRC CB– The lesser Cromartie hinted at retirement a few weeks ago.  No thanks on paying this guy north of the seven million a year he will command with questions about his motivation.

Donte Whitner S- He’s a solid player but his age coupled with the fact that he had the benefit of playing on an elite defense would have me reluctant to strike him a big deal.  I don’t think Whitner makes a bad defense better, yet he is looking to get paid like he would.

Malcolm Jenkins S–  The former first round pick was a high-profile player coming out of Ohio State, yet he has never really lived up to expectations.  I think this will be another case of a player benefiting from playing on a high-profile team.



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