NFL Suspends Ray Rice 2 Games: Here’s Why It’s A Fair Punishment

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The NFL has announced Ray Rice has been suspended for the Raven’s first two games this season. I have already heard tons of people (mostly non-Ravens fans) crying out how allegedly he hit a woman, and should be held out way longer. The comparisons to Josh Gordon getting suspended a full year for smoking weed have already started pouring in, and that’s not a rational argument.

Looking at the Rice 2 games versus the Gordon 16 games from the surface obviously seems insane. Clearly, hitting a woman is worse than getting high. No argument here. However, when looked at in further detail, it’s more fair than you think.


First of all, Josh Gordon was in direct violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy, meaning he broke a written NFL rule. The NFL suspended Rice based on the personal conduct policy for his actions off the field, which represented the league poorly. Rice was a first time offender, with a previously squeaky-clean record. Josh Gordon is a repeat offender, who keeps messing up, and seemingly never learns from his mistakes. The point of a suspension is for rehabilitation, not just for a punishment. If you continually violate the substance abuse policy and never learn from your mistakes, the NFL has no choice but to lengthen your suspension. I also believe the way Rice and his wife handled themselves after the incident contributed to his short suspension. They did not say anything publicly for a while after the incident, however they did hold a press conference with the two of them addressing the situation, and apologizing for their actions that night. Ray Rice came off as a man who was deeply sorry for his actions, and thus a long suspension was not necessary for rehabilitation. None of us know the exact scenario that happened in that Atlantic City elevator, and there is no excuse for putting your hands on a woman (Again, allegedly.). Not to make excuses for a bad decision, but we do know however, that Ray wasn’t the only one throwing the hits that night.


If old Ben Rapist-berger himself got only a four game suspension for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman, it is certainly fair for Rice to only get two games. I’d say being an alleged rapist is twice as bad as being an alleged woman-hitter, but that might just be me.

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  1. “I’d say being an alleged rapist is twice as bad as being an alleged woman-hitter, but that might just be me.”
    I’d say both are violent physical assault and jail time is appropriate for each type. The violence necessary to knock someone out cold can easily cause brain damage. I find it ironic that he has championed anti-bullying for kids and then behaves like this…what message is that?

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