NFL Picks Week 14- Cool Hand Luke

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Cool Hand Luke is a classic movie in which a poor bastard named Luke (Paul Newman) is a Korean War Vet who is sent to jail for two years for busting up some parking meters.  The prison in to which he is sent is a cruel chain gang prison that’s run my the most sadistic son of a bitch warden this side of Shawshank.   The place is an absolute hell-in-the-south and it seems a bit excessive for a vet that was probably hammered and busting up parking meters.  Anyway, Luke keeps trying to escape after he hears of his mother’s death and well, he keeps getting caught.  His punishments for his escape efforts keep getting worse and finally Luke dies at the hands of his captors and ends up a martyred figure to his fellow inmates.  This movie is a great one, and an outright Hollywood legend, but it begs a few questions.  First, it’s just two years babes, why not just keep your head down and do your time?  Second, if it’s just a two year sentence, babes, is it really worth getting killed by this lunatic warden to see your mom’s grave while it’s freshly dug?  But logic aside, the film features some incredible performances.  Newman was nominated for an Academy Award and George Kennedy won one for his role in the film.  Then there is Strother Martin who plays Captain, the gross and sadistic warden that we mentioned above.  Martin voice is eerie and soulless and his speech after one of Luke’s escape attempts is probably well known to you even if you’ve never seen Cool Hand Luke.  The speech begins the Guns and Roses song, Civil War, and it always get played and celebrated in random places- like this crappy blog.  Nick Saban mentioned the movie to his quarterback, Blake Sims.  Sims had no idea what the hell Saban was talking about since the film was made 45 years ago.

Anyway, you gots to be Cool Hand Luke when betting these damn games- illogical, defiant, and refusing to lose.  Then, usually, your wallet ends up empty and martyred on the side of the road.  But sometimes Strother Martin (Your bookie) loses.  Let’s listen to his speech so we get pissed enough to want to kick his ass.  Picks will follow…

The Chode (Season 10-13 )

Game 1:  Jets @ Minnesota

Line: Minnesota -6

Chode’s Pick: JETS


The Jets lost last week on Monday Night Football in a close game to the Dolphins. But while the Jets lost the game, they did cover the spread, and that’s what’s important. There isn’t anything about this Vikings team that says to me they should clearly win this game. I’ll take the Jets and the points again.

Game 2. Seattle @ Philly

Line: Phily -1

Chode’s Pick: Philly

Both of these teams won big games on Thanksgiving day, yet I think people are giving too much credit to the reigning super bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. The Eagles are 6-0 at home and Sunday they beat the Seahawks to improve to 7-0. FLY EAGLES FLY.

Babes (Season 19-17-1 )

Last week the GB under came through, but the Chiefs laid an egg at home. No worries, I’m poised to make a run here in the last few weeks of the regular season.
I’m going with our Ravens this week getting a field goal. I love the Ravens so much this week that I’m making this my only play of the week at ten units. That’s right folks, the Ravens take this game on the road.
Their pissed off after last week, and this plays right into John Harbaugh’s ability to motivate this team as underdogs. The whole Ngata situation hurts, but Harbaugh will spin it to have these players ready to break through the locker room walls to get to the field.
The Dolphins are horrible as favorites, as the dog in Miami’s last 86 games have gone 56-28 ATS. I went to the game last year where we beat Miami in Miami and it was damn near a home game for the Ravens. The Fins will have no home field advantage whatsoever. The Ravens will run the ball, and harass Tannehill on defense all day. Rookie right tackle Jawann James is forced to play left tackle for the Dolphins, and Suggs and Dumervil will properly introduce him to playing left tackle in the NFL.  Big play.

Seabass (Season 14-23 )

The early games are a big bag of hideous, much like my own season wagering record.  But I feel good about several late games and the Monday Nighter.  Here we go…..

Kansas City (-2.5) at Arizona-  Arizona has its share of problems.  Injuries are piling up and the they’ve lost two in a row.  But they still shouldn’t be dogs at home to the Chiefs.  I’ll take those points.

Seattle at Philly (-1)-  Are you kidding me?  The Sanchise versus the Seahawks?  This is Philly’s disaster game and proof that they just don’t belong in a championship conversation.  Seattle way to physical for Chip Kelly and his college offense. (Yeah I said it.)

Atlanta at Green Bay (-13)-  Please.  This is a slaughter of epic proportions waiting to happen.  Green Bay wins by four TDs.



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