NFL Investigating Brady’s Attempted Ball Buster

Sports and Bets — January 24, 2013 at 1:34 am by

bradyslide1The New England Patriots are going home after getting physically mauled by our own Baltimore Ravens. During the game, right before the end of the first half, Tom Brady went into a slide to avoid being trucked by Raven safety Ed Reed.  As he slid Brady lifted his cleat towards Reeds’ family jewels.  He missed,  sweet Jesus, thanks to Reeds’ ability to leap something like 4 feet into the air.  Brady evidently apologized to Reed later for the attempted castration.  Reed accepted the apology, saying that Brady wasn’t a dirty player.  But the NFL is investigating anyway.  I guess they may want to try to juice some cash outta Brady, with a hefty Roger Goodell fine.  That’s all well and good but it does not explain one thing, why?   I am not going to try to answer that question per se, but that question does beg another.  When is it acceptable to crush a dudes gonads?  Chicks are allowed such a defense if they feels threatened by some creep.  No problem with that one.  It may be deemed acceptable in a life or death situation as well.  If the choice is dying or kicking a murderer in the groin, then kick away my friend.  It may also be acceptable if you are terrified because some huge dude is pummelling you into the ground. (This kinda goes hand in hand with the perceived life or death situation.)  So this means that there are really only two instances where kicking a dude in the gonads is acceptable.  Rule out the first one in this situation beacause Brady is a dude.  That leaves being terrified because you are being pummelled or because you fear for your life.  Bingo. The Patriots may have not been afraid in the life or death sense, but they were intimidated.  Face it folks, the Patriots have a softness about them.  They run a soft offense, and they couldn’t match up physically with the gritty Ravens.  In the second half the physical nature of the game wore the Pats out.  By the time Bernard Pollard landed his knockout blow on Stevan Ridley, it felt as though the Pats couldn’t keep up with the brutal nature of the Ravens defense or for that matter, the offense.  (See Boldins two touchdowns)  Make no mistake about it, brutality won this football game, and not even an attempted kick to the nuts could stop the pummelling.

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