NFL Free Agency Opinions and Observations. MoFos are Getting Paid!

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by Babes and Seabass

With the first few, ever so volatile, days of free agency in the books, we have a few observations.

Dude, NFL players are getting freakin’ paid.  Teams spent a combined billion dollars on day one, and things are not slowing down.  $30 mil here, $40 mil there, it’s all gravy babes. Hell, even washed up old warhorse Peyton Hillis got $1.8 million.  Here’s a GIF of a typical 2013 Peyton Hillis carry.

But first and foremost, let’s address our own Baltimore Ravens. Great job by Ozzie and company not overpaying for Eugene Monroe and still retaining his services.  They waited for the market to come to them and it did.  At the end of the day the Ravens got Monroe for less money than the Raiders paid for Roger Saffold, who is a far less superior player than Monroe.  The Ravens also re-signed wide out, and big playmaker, Jacoby Jones.  Jones has made some historic plays for the Ravens, and Ozzie felt that his big play ability is essential to future success.  It’s a nice signing, and Jacoby took less money to stay here.  Baltimore has managed to keep the best left tackle and second best tight end on the market.  The Jones deal, which is team friendly, is a nice bonus.  Meanwhile, Daryl Smith and the Ravens are far apart.  If he leaves it will be interesting to see how the Ravens address the middle linebacker position.


Some early free agency winners include Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Tampa Bay, while Kansas City, Oakland, and Cleveland would make our losers list.  Atlanta strengthen both lines with the additions of Jon Asamoah, Tyson Jackson, and Paul Soliai, while Indy has added Art Jones, D’Qwell Jackson, and retained Vontae Davis (though they really overpaid Davis at almost $10 million a year. That contract will hurt them down the line.) Tampa is making a nice transition to Lovie Smith’s system by signing freakish athlete Michael Johnson to rush the passer, and they added corner Alterraun Verner.  The Bucs also added QB Josh McCown on a two year deal.  He could definitely start there.  They also rid themselves of  the $16 million dollar contract of Darrell Revis, who pissed off the entire universe by signing with New England for $4 million less.

On the flip side, KC saw themselves lose sixty percent of their starting offensive line, and Oakland paid more money for a player that wasn’t as good as the player they let go at the same position (Signing Saffold and watching Jared Veldheer sign with Arizona).  Oakland also resigned the injury prone Darren McFadden to a one year deal and let their more productive back hit the bricks. Rashard Jennings signed with the Giants.  We list Cleveland in the losers column too because although they were active on day one, they made some stupid decisions.  They opted to let the younger TJ Ward defect to Denver while signing the hitman himself, Donte Whitner, to an enormous deal at $7.5 million per season.  Whitner is a very good player,  but he’s a back-end enforcer who possesses just marginal cover skills, Ward was better.  Then they gave another big deal to 32- year-old Karlos Dansby.  Yes, he did have a great year last year, but is he worth $14 million guaranteed?  I highly doubt it at his age.

A team that kind of flew under the radar with their sneaky signings were the New York Giants.  They signed a mixed bag of players. They bolstered the interior of their offensive line with Geoff Schwartz, in a real nice signing, and they picked up Rashad Jennings at a bargain price.  But they overpaid a situational pass rusher in O’Brien Scoffield, who had one sack in 2013 and somehow wrangled $8 million for two years from the Giants’ front office.  The G-Men also mysteriously decided to pay Peyton Hillis $1.8 million bucks.  His 247 yards and 3.38 yards per carry in 2013 don’t seem worth that kind of cake.  The Hillis GIF again:

Meanwhile, the Broncos are signing everyone they possibly can.  We have mixed feelings.  The Aquib Talib signing is ridiculous.  They guaranteed Talib $26 million.  He’s signed for $57 million, but the guarantee is the largest ever given to a cornerback.  This for a guy that can’t stay healthy and who is very good, but not elite.  New England let him walk and ended up with a better corner in Revis, on a better deal (1 year/$12 million).  Denver also signed stud end Demarcus Ware to a 3 year/$30 million deal.  Ware was a beast, but his 6 sacks last year were a career low.  Ware was banged up a lot last year though, and Denver is probably only going to ask him to rush the quarterback.  If they get 10 sacks out of him next year, he’s worth it.  Meanwhile, Denver plucking TJ Ward from Cleveland was probably their best move.  Ward can play and he is a big upgrade for them.  Their secondary needed some work and they definitely addressed that, but they could have saved a few bucks by keeping Dominique Rodger-Cromartie instead of backing up the Brinks truck for the brittle Talib.   What is obvious is that the Broncos are all in for the next few years.  It’s Super Bowl or bust for Elway, Manning, and company.  They better win at least one to justify these contracts.

There are still a lot of big name pass rushers that will draw big interest in the upcoming days.   Jared Allen and Julius Peppers are the who’s-who of the best pass rushers still out there.  On the topic of pass rushers, what the hell were the Vikings thinking giving that enormous deal to Everson Griffen?  Five years/$42 million for a guy who has started only a handful of games in his career.  A career 17.5 sacks should not make somebody that rich.

As we write this the Jets are close on Eric Decker.  It’s crazy out there, babes.

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