NFL FOOTBALL IS BACK: Check Out Zach’s Official Predictions For The Upcoming Season

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NFL football is officially back, and we kick off tonight with the Panthers and Broncos rematch. Everyone’s got their Preseason predictions for who’s going to make the playoffs this year, and I’m no different. So I’m gonna spoil the end for all of you, and give you the NFL’s results of the 2016-2017 season.


AFC North: Steelers- I hate to say it, but if Ben stays healthy, and if LeVeon Bell stays on the field after Week 3, the Steelers’ offense should carry them to the division win. I have the Bengals in second, Ravens third, and Browns last.

AFC East: Patriots- 4 games without Brady isn’t going to stop the Patriots’ from winning their cupcake division like usual. Jets in second, Bills third, and the Dolphins in last.


AFC South: Texans- The Colts will be better than last year with Luck back, but the rest of their roster is just so bad to trust to win the division. The Jaguars will be improved, but still won’t be in serious contention yet. The Titans are still a ways away from competing.

AFC West: Chiefs- This one was the toughest division to pick, because even though the Broncos lost their top two quarterbacks, they weren’t getting that much production from that position last year any way. I think they’ll take just a small step back, but I like the Chiefs to take over that division. The Raiders are everyone’s darling this year, and they look good on paper, but I’ll have to see it all put together before I’m a believer. The Chargers are the clear cut worst team in the division.

Wild Card 1: Broncos- As I said, only a small step back. They’ll still make the playoffs.

Wild Card 2: Bengals- I don’t know if Andy Dalton can repeat last year’s performance with Hue Jackson out of town, but they still have a ton of talent on that roster.

AFC Championship: Patriots over Steelers- I hate the sound of this one, but I’m scared Brady will be out for revenge again.


NFC North: Packers- The Packers will be back on top, and I think Sam Bradford will be able to keep the Vikings in second. The Lions won’t miss Calvin Johnson too much, as I think Golden Tate has a huge year. The Bears won’t be competitive.


NFC East: Cowboys- With Romo the Cowboys are the best team in the division, but we’ll see if Dak Prescott can hold the team up until he returns. The Redskins will finish second by default, and MAYBE Kirk Cousins will beat a team over .500.  I think the Giants get third, and the Eagles will finish in last as Carson Wentz goes through some growing pains.

NFC South: Panthers- The Panthers will repeat as division winners, and I think the Buccaneers will have enough offense to overcome their piss poor defense. Saints in third, and the Falcons and Matt Ryan will bring up the rear.


NFC West: Arizona Cardinals- The Cardinals and Seahawks will be the top two teams, but I’ll say the Cards pull this one out due to a tie breaker. The Rams in third as Jared Goff is exposed as a bust, and the 49ers in last.

Wild Card 1: Seattle Seahawks- The Seahawks will have to play a road playoff game in the first round because of the strength of their division.

Wild Card 2: LA Rams- I think this one might be a case of no one’s earned it but they have to give it to someone. Still the Rams running game and defense will keep them above .500 (Unless Jeff Fischer has something to say about it).

NFC Championship: Cardinals over Packers- The Cardinals are the best team in the NFC, and will prove it by making it to the Super Bowl.


Super Bowl: Cardinals over Patriots- I think this is finally the year, barring a major injury, that the Cardinals take home their first Lombardi Trophy.


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