NFL Changed The Ineligible Rule Because Even They Know The Patriots Are Cheese-Dicks.

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Of course you all remember this:

The Patriots Annoyed John Harbaugh By Having Fun With Eligible Receivers

It was one of the plays, within a short series of plays, in which the Patriots used ineligible receiver tricks to gain yards on the Ravens in last season’s divisional playoff game.  Running Back Shane Vereen, number 34, is actually ineligible on this play.  The tight end, who is also circled, actually lined up as a tackle and ends up being the receiver of Brady’s throw on this particular play.  New England used this kind of ineligible receiver play three times during this series and gained a total of 41 yards.  Coach Harbaugh complained to the officials about the play, but he was more upset about the Ravens not being given enough time to adjust or substitute defensively in regards to the formation than he was about a running back declaring himself ineligible and then lining up outside the tackle box.


Anyway, the play was deemed legal and within the rules and then Tom Brady made some dickish comment about the Ravens needing to read the rulebook etc. etc.  The play, or plays, weren’t the reason the Ravens lost to New England, but the plays obviously garnered a lot of attention post-game.  Of course, a lot of the media called the plays. “Genius,” and, “Typical of how Belichick and Brady get an edge,” and blah, blah, blah, blah, fuckedly blah.

In reality, the plays were just cheesy and cheap and they ignored the spirit of the defensive substitution rules.  The “trick” plays the Pats ran were just one of those things a cheesy, cheese-dick group of dudes (the Patriots) would try and pull off. and then point out and talk about the rule book after they were done pulling it off.  Unfortunately for the Cheese-Dick Pats and any other team that wanted to copy them on this maneuver, the NFL apparently agrees that the plays were full of cheapness, and they voted to outlaw these types of plays for all future pro football games.  From now on, a player wearing an eligible number may not report himself ineligible and line up outside the tackle box.

Again, the ineligible plays didn’t make the Ravens lose, the Ravens lost because they blew two 14 point leads.  And I really wasn’t too upset about the plays in real time, I thought the fact that the Ravens allowed the play to work against them three times was ridiculous. No, the plays were just lame and I’m glad the NFL put a stop to all the childish and cheesy nonsense.

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