News Flash: The Yankees Cheat. Pineda Hides Pine Tar On His Neck. Possible Explanations Below

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Yankee pitcher Michael Pineda was ejected for “hiding” pine tar on his neck in Wednesday’s matchup with the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

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Possible Pineda explanations right before getting thrown out:

“It’s a birthmark.”

“The toilet paper ripped apart while I swiped my ass between innings and I then scratched my neck and forgot about it.”

“Jeter was flirting and putting hot fudge on my neck.”

“I usually place a hot log of dog shit on my neck between innings.  It’s a tip I learned from Pettite last year.”

“Yeah, it’s pine tar.”


Whether it’s pine tar, or steroids, or spending a gazillion dollars on free agents while teams like the Astros have a payroll that equals that of your local Taco Bell, or having asshole kids reach over the outfield wall and rob opposing teams of making easy outs during the damn playoffs, it’s obvious the Yankees cheat.  They have a long history of it, why change now.  First class cheaters, those Yankees are.

Yeah, I’m still bitter……

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