Newly Released Footage From 2014 Shows A Badass Taking Down An Active Shooter With Pepper Spray

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In June of 2014, a gunman entered into Seattle Pacific University, killing one person and injuring two others. After a lengthy court battle, and an attempted restraining order barring the media access, the surveillance video where he was taken down has been released.

In this video we see student-safety monitor, Jon Meis pepper spray the shit out of the shooter, and quickly disarms him. Jon Meis is a complete badass, and it’s nice to know that there are people like this out there. Give this kid a medal, and all the money.

Seattle Times Newly released surveillance footage shows moments of horror and heroism at Seattle Pacific University after a gunman opened fire on students two years ago. The Seattle Times is releasing only a small scene from the video that shows the extraordinary, lifesaving actions of student-safety monitor Jon Meis. The Times is not releasing any images that show the shooting or victims. Seconds after Ybarra allegedly shot and seriously wounded a young woman inside Otto Miller Hall, Meis comes around a corner armed with a small can of pepper spray. As the gunman breaks open his double-barreled shotgun to reload, Meis sprays him in the eyes and tackles him, pulling the shotgun out of his hands. Meis is seen running with the shotgun around a corner, and coming back into the foyer unarmed just as Ybarra is fumbling with what authorities later say is a hunting knife

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