New Report Is Linking Jose Bautista To The Orioles

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So I’m minding my own business on this lovely Sunday, scrolling through Facebook, and I came across an article that MLB Trade Rumors wrote.



The article says: “Free agent outfielder/designated hitter Jose Bautista “loves” both Boston and Fenway Park, making the Red Sox a potential fit for the longtime Blue Jay, per Cafardo. Further, Bautista has fans in Red Sox manager John Farrell and third base coach Brian Butterfield, both of whom were previously in Toronto. If the 36-year-old doesn’t end up rejoining them in Boston, the Rangers, Astros, Orioles, Cardinals, Giants and Braves are also possibilities (the DH-less National League doesn’t seem ideal, though).”


I’m all about making your club better, and I hope the Orioles do that at just about all costs. I’m not stubborn enough to say I wouldn’t want Dexter Fowler, and I wasn’t the guy saying I didn’t want Mike Wallace to the Ravens just because he played for the Steelers. But I put my foot down on Jose Bautista. Fuck that guy. I’ll die before I see that man put on an Orioles uniform (yes I know he played for the Orioles for like 30 seconds a hundred years ago). Not only is he pushing 40-years-old, but he’s personally wronged just about every player on our team.

And even though this article got me fired up, realistically there’s no way the Orioles would ever sign this guy, so we can all sleep soundly.



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