New Nicki Minaj Video Dubbed With Only Farts

Humor — August 28, 2014 at 1:22 pm by

I keep telling myself to stop laughing at farts, but here I am again, watching a full music video with only farts. In fact, each fart perfectly synced with every ass giggle is quite mesmerizing…




via TMZ


  1. They are deffo MAN Farts! Someone’s jealous lol!

  2. How stupid and childish is this? I mean really. .

  3. Wait a second, so you mean to tell me that that isn’t the original video?

  4. How do I get this on Spotify?

  5. I dont care how stupid and annoying she is I would pound that silly

  6. should have left the music track underneath. not that funny just with fart sfx. and i love me some lowbrow humour!

  7. that’s hysterical

  8. I can officially say I have seen it all……..what a far cry from artistic expression……..just plain stupid.

  9. I love this. This is so much more interesting than who ever this vulgar Nicki person is. This video is perfection.

  10. Here in Norway, we know, these girls have eaten too much “Doctor Proctor Fartspowder”( book for children by Jo Nesbø)

  11. Now thats a Ring of Fire

  12. I was a bit disturbed by how hard this farts video made me laugh. On analysis I realized the farts remind us of the true duality of the butt thereby adding a dimension completely overlooked by the original artist and company. so it’s about truth which is really what we are all here in life to learn. TRUTH

    • Hey, Love. Thanks so much for reminding me of the true duality of your sexy butt and thereby turning me on and getting me ready to have a hot anal sex session with you. Now, spread your butt-cheeks and let me push it in ……….oh and the last TRUTH (fart sound) you can make after I’m done unloading all my cum in your tight little butthole. That will look hot as fuck 😉

    • “On ANALysis”? Really???

  13. Omg! I Bet she’s pissed!! Funny as Hell though! Funky, but Funny! Lol

  14. Way better than the original

  15. Do they require special training or is it laxative induced flatulence?

  16. fucking fartastic

  17. If there’s a bad fart joke, I haven’t heard it!

  18. The rule is that a remix/cover CAN’T ABSOLUTELY BE better than the original…. but there… there’s the exception

  19. I don’t go for this kind of intellectual humour.

  20. It stinks … They need something better.

  21. I thought they’d be louder… she’s got back

  22. It’s kinda funny how the butts giggle with the farts. When i was young i always ask myself what do the butt cheeks looks like in slow motion when i fart… I have my answer now.

  23. Watched until the very last second. I regret nothing.

  24. its all shi#% and giggles till somebody giggles and shi%$

  25. It was her hair-lipped sister talking behind her back again.

  26. Can somebody explain to me in what universe she’s considered attractive?

  27. Bravo, it’s like a majesticly rude big sister to the Blazing Saddles fireside scene.

  28. Females like these really set us back (no bun intended). The dumbing-down of womanhood continues – no wonder some men don’t take us seriously. This version, however, at least gives it some redeeming quality. The more you fart, the better you feel…

    • So, you’re saying all women should only act and dress like you’ve decided all women should act like? That’s pretty sexist of you. You know Nikki Minaj does this on purpose, of her own free will, right? Cause You’re blaming it on sexism, but you’re the only sexist I can see.

    • I agree. We need to see accomplished women like Carly Fiorino, Sarah Palin, and Hillary Clinton farting.

  29. True African culture!

  30. Soul food stinks

  31. This shit is so fuckin childish

  32. Twerking – No dignity or self respect… sad and pathetic.

  33. How did I know she was a fart sniffer?

  34. Nicky baby pooped in her pants and peed in her pants

  35. I’m disgusted by the way this video objectifies women farting. Why can’t the music industry portray fully-self-actualized, accomplished, realistic women farting?

  36. Mentally sick and deranged for the mindless morons that have no respect for themself or society.

  37. Wow Nicki Farted I am Jealous and I want her so bad

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