New Gatorade Spot ‘Dear Peyton’ Includes Everyone Peyton Manning Has Sent A Letter To

Entertainment, Sports and Bets — April 28, 2016 at 10:43 am by

Who knew that Peyton Manning was such a letter guy? In Gatorade’s latest new series, “Dear Peyton,” we will see every Peyton letter recipient, reading their piece. Just another humble brag for Peyton, the guy just does it all. Wins Super Bowls, throws a shit ton of touchdowns, and writes handwritten letters all over town. Guarantee he writes these things with a feather quill.

Nobody is off limits for Peyton, one minute you’re browsing bills in the mail, and boom. letter from Peyton.


Peyton writing to a sick kid is really fucking awesome

via Gatorade

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