New Evidence Shows That Pete Rose Bet On Baseball As A Player

Sports and Bets — June 22, 2015 at 3:51 pm by

Surprise, surprise, Pete Rose is full of shit. After years of denying that he bet on baseball, he admitted in 2004 that he bet on games, but only as a manager. Well now, ESPN’s Outside the Lines has obtained a notebook that was seized from Michael Bertolini, who was a former associate of Rose. This notebook shows that Rose bet on games while he was a player-manager for the Reds in 1986. According to this fucking chicken scratch, Rose bet several times on the Reds, but there’s no evidence that he bet against his team. I guess ol’ Charlie Hustle was a super competitive prick even while disgracing the game of baseball.



This should officially slam the door on any chances Rose had of getting into the Hall of Fame. While it sucks that the all-time hit leader will never be enshrined in Cooperstown, I can’t really feel too bad for Rose. The guy is a total scumbag and a pathological liar. Over/under five bottles of bubbly Jim Gray has popped this afternoon?

via Outside the Lines & Deadspin
cover pic: History

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