NBA “Expert” Stephen A. Smith Has Predicted The Finals Wrong Every Year Since 2011

Sports and Bets — June 21, 2016 at 4:33 pm by



Skip Bayless is the worst. He’s the absolute biggest troll on television. But I think because he’s such a douche bag, Stephen A.’s own trollishness gets overlooked based on comparison to Skip. But if you ever just sit there and listen to what Stephen A. says, most of it is absolutely insane. I stopped watching ESPN’s ‘First Take’ after Skip called Ray Lewis’ second ring tainted because of the Jimmy Smith “penalty” that didn’t get called, and now that Skip is leaving for FS1, hopefully Stephen A. Smith just gets forgotten about, but unfortunately, that probably won’t happen.

But this video is laugh out loud funny. It’s tough to get 6 straight predictions wrong, and when you’re the number one NBA analyst for your entire network, you’d expect at least half, or even a third, or even one of them to be correct. And as you see in the video, this streak is still active. Who knows how long it will go.




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