Navy In Their Summer Whites, The Birds Play The Twins, and There’s A Casino In Between. Can Saturday Get Any Better?

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Whoever was the genius who put these downtown events together on Saturday shouldn’t have to pay for a drink in this town for the rest of year.  This Saturday is a sportsman’s dream, babes. Nothing says late summer better than this line up: Ohio State/Navy at 11 a.m. at The Big Crabcake, followed by a few hours at Baltimore’s brand new casino, followed by a 7:05 professional baseball contest, featuring the first place Baltimore Orioles at The Yard.  That’s football, gambling, dinner, booze, and pennant chasing baseball all within walking distance of each other.  As the late, great Chuck Thompson would say, “Go to War Agnes!”.  Or maybe he’d say, “Ain’t the beer cold!”.  Whatever he’d say, I know damn well that ol’ Chuck would be damn excited about being in Baltimore this Saturday.

Ohio State vs Navy

Absolutely adore warm weather football.  When you’re on a big campus, it brings out a lot of hots who are still wearing their summer gear.  Plus, war weather football means that we’re about to begin a five month college and NFL trip that’s full of beer, sports wagering, wings, pizza, beer, and more sports wagering.  It’s a good time.  Plus, having college football in Baltimore on opening weekend is just exciting as fuck.  Throw in the fact that the game features the fifth ranked Buckeyes combined with the grand traditions of the Naval Academy, and your football life is good, babes.  Navy may not be able to win, but their pre-game rituals will give you goose bumps and an immense sense of patriotic pride.  Once you see how Navy’s athletes conduct themselves, you’ll immediately realize that every sporting event everywhere should begin with that level of respect.  And Under Armour designed new unis for Navy that they’ll be debuting at Saturday at M&T.  Check out the new, “Summer Whites”. The shoulder stripe denote midshipman rank.  (A.K.A. freshman, soph, junior, or senior.)



The Horseshoe Casino

Yeah, you know it’s there, just waiting for you and your gambling dollars.  Sure, it will be a nuthouse on Saturday, but if they can handle a crowd of 15,000 like they did on their opening night without a hitch, than they’re already doing something right.  So cram your way onto a craps or blackjack table and do some good old fashioned wagering.   If you win, it’s dinner at Jack Binion’s Steak.  if your pockets get deflated, don’t worry, you can still eat; it’ll just have to be at Guy Fieri’s joint.

Bonus: the bar is open 24/7.  So you can bang back beers and shots of G.M. before, between, and/or after the football and baseball games.


Twins at Orioles Baseball

The big, bad Birds are on a roll.  They’ve taken 3 out of 4 from Tampa and now the sacrificial lamb Twins come limping into town.   So, after you’ve watched Navy upset Ohio State and then won enough money at the ‘Shoe to pay off your mortgage, you can settle in to watch the O’s bash the Twinkies and extend their A.L. East lead over the hated Yankees.  (The O’s are currently enjoying a seven game cushion on the evil empire.)  Ace Chris Tillman gets the call for the Birds, which adds even more excitement to an already fantastic day.  Let’s Go O’s!

So dive on in to the downtown area and start Labor Day weekend off with a bang.  Between all this and a day at the track at Timonium on Monday, saying goodbye to summer has never been so damn fun.






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