Natural Light Is Coming Out With Pumpkin Cases

Pubs and Grub — September 10, 2014 at 7:43 pm by

Don’t worry, folks it’s not pumpkin flavored, so it will still have that delicious taste that we all know and love. Natty Light has just decided to spruce up their cases for the fall season. Instead of buying a 30 of Natty, you’ll soon be able to scoop up a Natt-o-lattern. I gotta say that I’m on board 100% with this one. The leaves are getting ready to change, Halloween is around the corner, and the Ravens are about to win 15 straight. I should be able to drink a beer that reflects this wonderful time of the year. And I’m talking about a beer of the people, not some fancy pants, craft beer, pumpkin pie bullshit. This is also a home run marketing strategy for the ladies. You show me a woman aged 18-30 that doesn’t love everything pumpkin related, and I’ll show you a God dammed liar. You don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle, and Natty Light just cranked up the heat this fall.

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