National Park Service Ranger Vince Vaise Steals The Show At Star Spangled Sailabration

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So all weekend downtown Baltimore was packed for the Star Spangled Sailabration.  Tall ships, fireworks, and celebrities galore brought the good folks of Maryland swarming to the Inner Harbor.  Last night on Pier Six, Jordan Sparks (Don’t you tell me she isn’t an A-Lister. Her voice is heavenly.), Smokey Robinson, Jonathan Lithgow, Melissa Etheridge, Little Big Town, and the Gambler himself, Kenny Rogers, all graced Baltimore with their presence to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the writing of our Star-Spangled Banner.  It was obviously a good time.

But all of those people and festivities took a back seat to the real star of this red, white, and blue show and Sailabration.   The real star of the weekend is a guy who is here all the time.  A dude who works tirelessly to keep Baltimoreans and Baltimore’s many visitors aware of the incredible history that happened here 200 years ago.  That man is National Park Service Ranger Vince Vaise.

I love history and I love this guy and his enthusiasm for the past. Vince Vaise is a beast. Vince Vaise is the Cal Ripken of Fort McHenry History.  His passion for the Fort that saved America is undeniable.  It’s beyond obvious that Vaise loves his job.  Even as I write this, Vaise is conducting a flag raising at the old Fort to commemorate the American military’s flag raising of the Stars and Stripes the morning after the British bombardment of  Fort McHenry back in 1814.  Vaise will raise the flag at exactly the same time the army did 200 years ago.  That’s right, they’ve got this anniversary stuff down to the minute babes.   Vince Vaise is all fired up…..


Vince is daring this reporter to ask him about Fort McHenry. The passion.  The stare down. You could only wish to love your job as much as Vince does.

The best part is that this fireball of history knowledge is here all the time.  Take advantage.  I’ll bet a lot of you Marylanders haven’t been to Fort McHenry since you were forced to go during that fourth grade field trip, when you were trucked down to South B-more on a hot and smelly yellow bus, accompanied by your angry and underpaid teacher. So get down to Fort McHenry and get educated for shit’s sake.  Vince and his peeps will be happy to help you out….





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