Nate Diaz Gets Introduced At UFC Fight Night, Proceeds To Throw Blunt In His Mouth

Entertainment, Sports and Bets — February 19, 2018 at 9:35 am by

National television, UFC Fight Night, it doesn’t matter. Nate Diaz finds the appropriate opportunity to fire up a blunt, and he takes it. Diaz was in the crowd for Sunday’s UFC Fight Night Austin, and he was simply getting introduced by the commentator. You’ve never seen a camera panaway so fast. You almost expect some gold when you hit Diaz with a camera,may not be safe for TV, but you need to shoot that shot.

Dana White is probably irritated, and Conor McGregor will probably share an insightful post about his latest outfit followed by a two word jab at Diaz. In the end, UFC will ultimately sell more tickets.

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