Nacho Mama’s, Elvis, and Bob Irsay’s Head

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So you need a spot that is fun, loud, and screams Baltimore.  You need Nacho Mama’s.  If you haven’t yet experienced the party that is Nacho Mama’s, put down your X-Box controller and go out and live a little.  This place has become legendary, and in order to be a “True Man of Baltimore”, one must visit this fine establishment.

     Owner and leading Canton spokesman Patrick “Scunny”McCusker tragically passed this past summer, but his legend lives on here at Nacho Mama’s.   As Mojo Nixon once sang, “Elvis is Everywhere”, and nowhere is this truer than at Nacho Mama’s.  Velvet Elvis and his many kingly friends adorn the walls and ceiling.  However, Elvis is not alone here.  Old Colts and Orioles greet you as well, giving you a visual history lesson of old Memorial Stadium as you booze and eat.  Mr. Boh is represented here too, and the whole place takes me back to the Baltimore of old.  If you are from here, you get what I mean by Baltimore of old.    If you are not from here, drink a Natty and  just let it absorb into you.

     First thing first.  This place is always busy.  On the particular night we went, there was a thirty minute wait, and it was a Tuesday.  Be prepared to order some drinks and wait for a table.  If you don’t like the people you are with, this could be a problem.  So only bring enjoyable folks.  The bar is fun, so just dive on in.  On this evening we even chose to dine at the bar when three seats opened up.  Service was prompt and friendly.  We soon sat armed with Bohs and menus. 

     We started with the garlic shrimp appetizer.  This is a very enjoyable appetizer.  We only got one app though because we know the sizes of the main courses.  Usually I can’t get away from the chicken burrito, but on this night I decided to go with the Nawlins’ Shrimp.   The Nawlins’ Shrimp is shrimp and Andouille sausage over rice with a Cajun cream sauce.  Well, let me tell ya, if  I could brush my teeth with this sauce I would.  Freakin’ delicious.  It is heavy though, so if you plan on ordering it, come hungry. My lady got the ten leaf salad with blackened shrimp on top.  She raves about this salad; not only does it boast 10  types of organic baby leaf  lettuce, it also includes crumbled blue cheese, walnuts, and a delicious honey jalapeno vinaigrette.  Real good stuff for all rabbit folk.   My buddy got the crab and corn quesadilla.   Nacho’s is known for their quesadillas and with good reason.  This crab and corn and cheese monster was awesome to look at and consume.  And from what I’m told it goes very well with an ice cold beer.  All portions here are quite sizable, so you definitely get your money’s worth here.

    Nacho’s is also a great bar to drink at.   The hubcap margaritas are a good time, and can help with awkward first dates, or even worse blind dates.  We love the staff here, they are always friendly and eager to make suggestions. (And yes the staff is probably cooler than you.)  The crowd is a good mix of old farts soaking in all the nostalgia and younger dum-dums being cool.  It is easy to get lost in all the conversation pieces floating around the joint, and that’s all part of the fun.  (My favorite piece is the stuffed doll head of former Colt owner Bob Irsay.  There is a long story behind it I’m told, but we’ll revisit that another time.) Make no mistake this place is one of Baltimore’s favorites, and if you can’t have fun here than you probably suck at life and you should just go back to Mom’s basement and pick up your X-Box controller.

Nacho Mama’s                                                                              2907 O’Donnell Street Baltimore, MD 21224



  1. I love that place. It has been too long since I have been there.

  2. The same menu is available for carry-out. I have grabbed the grub and a pie at the corner for a full meal.

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