My God, Flacco’s Hair Is Glorious

Sports and Bets — August 13, 2015 at 9:13 pm by

flacco hair

The Ravens look great tonight in their first pre-season contest of the season.  It’s obvious this team is full of talented and focused pros.  But what really stood out tonight was Joe Flacco’s hair.   His glorious mane was in full GQ mode tonight.  This is what happens when you sign $100 million contracts.  This is what happens when you establish yourself as a clutch playoff performer and Super Bowl MVP.  No more South Jersey buzzed bowl cuts, no more fu manchu’s.  Just straight up $100 million dollar hair.  This hair screams 40 touchdowns this season…..

flacco hair1


This Ravens post sponsored by Workforce Concepts.  Call them and save on insurance, babes.  (See and click the ad above this post.) Wonder if they have a policy for $100 million hair?  I’d bet that they do…


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