My Eyes May Bleed This Week From Watching The Breaking Bad Ultra-Marathon.

Entertainment, Featured — September 25, 2013 at 3:08 pm by

Breaking Bad, one of the greatest shows of all time, comes to and end on Sunday.  Ol’ Walt and company will wrap it up in glorious fashion for sure, but in case you missed any of the previous shows, or seasons for that matter,  AMC is running the entire series starting at 8 PM tonight.  That’s right, the series from start to finish can be watched in a mere 5 days. There is no doubt that I’ll be watching this bad ass shit all week.  Watching Walt’s transformation has been awesome over these last five years and personally I hope he escapes prosecution and/or death.  We’re done when Walt says we’re done…

Here’s a couple of scenes.  You’d better set the DVR babes.

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