Most Disturbing/Disgusting Sex Scenes

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Everyone loves to watch two good looking people get down.  It’s human nature, and if you say you don’t, you’re lying to yourself.  The people in Hollywood wouldn’t always try to throw a scene or two in every movie if it wasn’t a huge draw.  While there are numerous lists of great sex scenes, I’ve compiled a list of the fifteen scenes that, as the title suggests, are either disturbing or disgusting(some are both).  I stayed away from adding any homosexual scenes, as to not even open that can of worms(sorry no brokeback).

15.  Showgirls-Frankly this whole movie is disgusting and disturbing but take your pick which scene you want to nominate here.  Is it more gross to see Jesse Spano look like she’s having a seizure on Kyle MacLachlan’s dick, or when she gets finger blasted by her African Johnny Castle?  Take your pick.


14.  In The Cut-This makes the list purely on the fact that Meg Ryan has no business taking her clothes off on camera.  Nobody wants to see those Orangutan titties.
13.  The Change Up-When Jason Bateman is about to get down with a nine month pregnant women because he had a fetish.  Or was it Ryan Reynolds who had the fetish?  This movie is worth sitting through for the Olivia Wilde side boob and panty shot, and for Leslie Mann’s surprisingly nice rack.

12.  Antichrist-This is disturbing in a much darker way.  William Dafoe and his wife are getting it on in the shower, while their infant son is left unattended and falls out a window to his death.  Sorry didn’t mean to damper the mood.
11.  Before The Devil Knows Your Dead-Love PSH may he rest in peace, but I didn’t need to see him rail Marisa Tomei doggystyle in the first scene.  If I wanted to watch an overweight guy getting laid I would simply…nevermind nobody wants to watch that!
10.  Kingpin-Naturally have to throw some Farrelly Brothers in there.  The scene where Roy Munson has to sleep with his landlady is funny but turns the stomach a bit.

9.  Bad Santa-It’s funny as shit, but pretty gross at the same time.  BBT rails the pleasantly plumb girl up the rear in a changing room, all while sporting his Santa costume.  “Your not gonna shit right for a week!”

8.  The Piano-Another case of  how I love Harvey Keitel as an actor, but I don’t need to see him naked. Holly Hunter isn’t exactly on my red hot list either, so might be best just to avoid this flick altogether.
7.  The Cooler-Movie is great, just don’t ever need to see William H Macy’s balls ever again.  There is seriously way too much sex for a forty something.
6.  Boogie Nights-Double dose of Mr. Macy here, except he is merely one of many spectators in this scene.  His wife is in the middle of a driveway at a party getting plugged by some random dude while guests just watch.  “That’s my wife!”  “Stop it Bill your embarrassing me!”  What a progressive relationship, although he does end up blowing her away.

5.  Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-So many scenes to choose from.  I tried to stay away from any rape scenes, so I’ll just go with the weirdness of goth girl Rooney Mara banging Daniel Craig.  She’s got a nice body, but overall it was almost awkward to watch.
4.  Monsters Ball-Halle Berry is hot, but she did her best not to look it for this feel good movie of the year.  Her getting boned by Billy Bob was as awkward and weird a sex scene as I can remember.  She knew what she was doing though, it did win her an Oscar.

3.  Body Of Evidence-Madonna was kinda hot back then.  What makes her sex scene with William Dafoe make this list is when she decides to tie him up, and proceed to pour hot wax on his dick and lick it off.  I didn’t know whether to cringe in pain or be slightly aroused.  Considering I was an early teen when I saw it, I’m sure it was the latter.
2.  Requiem For A Dream-All I have to say is Jennifer Connolly, and a double-sided dildo.
1.  A Serbian Film-This whole movie is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.  Do yourself a favor and never watch this, because you can’t take it back.  But if you’re into necrophilia, pedophilia, rape, and other shiny bright aspects of this filmmaker’s fucked up universe, check it out.


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