Morons Get What’s Coming To Them For Jumping On The Hoods Of Cars

Humor — April 6, 2015 at 1:24 pm by

Is jumping on the hoods of cars a trend now because that’s a real dickhead thing to do. Or, as the guy taking the video so eloquently put it, that’s “dumb n***a shit.” Save that acrobatic nonsense for hotel beds and swimming pools. No one deserves an ass-shaped dent on the hood of their car because of bored teenagers. The ending of that video was terrific, though. Not only did it feel great to see sweet justice being served, but it was hilarious when the police told the guy holding the phone that he was getting arrested, too. The way he said, “Me!?” had me cracking up. It’s a shame that being super annoying isn’t a crime because that dude should be serving a life sentence for that atrocious narrating performance.

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  1. Dumb ni**as.

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