More People Came To Baltimore In 2013 Than Disney’s Magic Kingdom

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Up yours, Mickey Mouse!

In 2013, more folks visited Baltimore than Disney’s flagship theme park, Magic Kingdom. Charm City got 23.9 million visitors while Mickey Mouse and friends got  almost 18.6 million paid attendees at their largest Orlando-based Park.  (Of course, Disney parks attracted over 132 million folks world-wide, but whatever.)

Twenty three million visitors is a lot of people spending disposable income and it sounds great, but how the hell do they figure this shit out?  If I live in Rosedale and go to a ballgame at OPACY, does that mean I’m an official visitor to Baltimore?   Am I a tourist in a city I identify as my hometown?  I mean, growing up, you could literally spit into Baltimore City from my backyard in Baltimore County.  Was I a tourist every time I rode down Bel Air road to pick up a pizza at Gil’s?  If I was, that’s weird, babes.

Either way, the B-Town visitor numbers make sense.  Besides the horrific crime rate and corrupt local leaders, why wouldn’t folks come to Baltimore?  There are plenty of conventions every year for all kinds of business folks and the Inner Harbor is chock full of fun.  Plus, there are a ton of quality restaurants to eat at all over the city.  Throw in Oriole Park, Ravens Stadium, events like the Preakness, and a brand-spanking, shiny new casino, and you’ve got yourself a good tourist time.

So Mickey, you can have your mouse hats, your mind-numbing It’s A Small World Songs, and your castles.  The business people and tourists of the world have spoken.  They’d rather enjoy some steamed crabs, the black waters of the Inner Harbor, and some winning pro sport’s teams.



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