Mom Bought 12 Bags Of Cocaine For Daughter’s 18th Birthday Party

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37-year-old Nicola Austen wanted her daughter to celebrate her 18th birthday in style this past February. She rented a limousine and they were going to tear up the London night life scene. To really take the party up a notch, Austen bought 12 bags of cocaine, which weighed a total of 8.65 grams. Unfortunately, Austen got busted before she got the chance to bond with her daughter over rails of nose candy. From The Huffington Post:

But mother and daughter missed out on the London high life. On Jan. 31, police stopped by to talk with Austen, who had six previous convictions, one for possessing amphetamine in 2010. After a police dog at the house sniffed out the cocaine, Austen admitted to officers that she got it for her daughter’s birthday celebration, according to the Telegraph. Despite the previous convictions, the judge decided not to send Austen to jail because she has a young son who would suffer if she were incarcerated.

Austen was given a nine-month suspended sentence and ordered to serve 250 hours of community service, which sounds to me like she got a pretty good deal. I could understand buying some marijuana to celebrate the occasion. Your daughter only turns 18 once, after all. But trying to provide her with cocaine is a line that you shouldn’t snort cross. It’s flat-out terrible parenting. She’s turning 18, not going on tour with Rick James in the mid ’80s.

via The Huffington Post
cover pic: South West News Service

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