Model Son Leaves 98 Year Old Mother In Car So He Could Hit Maryland Live!

News — July 22, 2014 at 7:10 pm by

You’re on the open road from North Carolina, you got the itch to gamble, only issue is your wheelchair ridden momma in the passenger seat. Smart move is to ride past the Casino, but for one man, the gleaming lights of Maryland Live! was way to powerful. Around 6:30 p.m. Monday, police were called to the Maryland Live! Casino parking garage to check on an elderly woman camped inside a pickup truck. A strapping young 67-year-old left his 98-year-old mother in the truck so he could hit the tables.


After an investigation, officers believe that the truck arrived in the garage sometime before 2 p.m. She sat in the truck by her lonesome for nearly 5 hours, what a son. Though the woman is incapable of caring for herself, it appeared that there was an empty soda can in the truck. Once the woman became somewhat coherent, she was able to assist officers in the location of her son. Sam Rothstein ended up in cuffs, and rightfully so. The victim was from North Carolina, and The Department Of Social Services was informed of the incident.

This is mind-boggling, how can you leave an old woman in a casino parking lot? Not only because she could have had a heat stroke, but old ladies and casinos go hand in hand. He could have easily avoided this arrest, hand momma a roll of nickels and post her up at the slots. She would’ve sucked that place dry.

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