MLB’s Most Handsome Managers List Is Out And Buck Showalter Got SNUBBED

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The 2018 MLB’s most handsome manager list is out, and boy is it controversial this year.

Phillies rookie manager Gabe Kapler took first place in his first year of eligibility. Duh. Kapler has more abs than the Phillies have the last three years combined. But the Phillies aren’t gonna be a basement dweller anymore. Not with handsome Gabe at the helm. Plus he once wrote a blog about how he likes to jerk off with coconut oil, so you know this guy’s legit.


Babe Kapler (yeah you read that right) has the goods to win this thing every year.

Husbands, cover your wives’ eyes for this one.




The top five is rounded out as follows:

2. AJ Hinch, Astros

3. Aaron Boone, Yankees

4. Mike Matheny, Cardinals

5. Dave Roberts, Dodgers


You can see the rest of the list HERE


I’m okay with the top five. Buck doesn’t have to be a top five guy. You can still win the Super Bowl and not have a top five quarterback. But you want to hear something that’s gonna really make you clinch your first?

Buck Showalter got 25TH most handsome out of 30 managers.


Buck’s a top ten talent. You’re gonna look at a guy like this as say he’s not handsome enough to even crack the top twenty of a list of ugly old dudes?


Now that’s a charming guy.


And have they even seen his sensitive side?




Oh yeah, and John Gibbons earned the spot as the ugliest manager. No surprise. Guy looks like he carries a Gatorade bottle full of dip spit everywhere he goes.

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