MLB Rumor Central: Orioles Interested in Javier Baez?

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I’ll be the first to admit, you have to take every off season trade rumor with a grain of salt, but since this one involves our beloved Orioles I have to at least look at it.  The rumor first popped up on Twitter late Sunday afternoon from a Chicago Cubs beat writer.  He stated that the Orioles have expressed interest in Baez seeing him as a potential replacement for Manny Machado.  These rumors both excite and worry me at the same time.  There is excitement because Javier Baez is one of the most exciting young players in all of Major League Baseball.  The worrisome part is that if the O’s are looking into replacements it all but confirms what we all feared, Manny Machado’s days in Orange and Black are numbered.

Pros of the move

Like I mentioned earlier the first positive is Baez is a young up and coming star in Major League Baseball.  He turns 25 on December 1ST and is coming off his most productive season as a pro.  He can play just about any position in the infield but my guess if Orioles did pull off this move, he’d find a home at Shortstop.  One huge positive about pulling this trade off is that Baez would be under team control through the 2021 season.  One last silver lining at least for one season the Orioles would have potentially the most exciting infield in all of baseball, of course hinging on Machado staying in Baltimore all of 2018.

Cons of the move

One major concern of mine is no matter how good Baez is, he doesn’t fill the Orioles biggest need, pitching.  I can’t express enough how much I enjoy watching Javier Baez play but the Orioles NEED pitching, Baez doesn’t pitch.  Also reading the initial reports some of the names being thrown around in the deal are Zach Britton & Kevin Gausman.  That only adds to the concern about our pitching.  The Orioles don’t have a ton of good arms, so would you be willing to part with two of our best?  I’m also not sure that Britton and Gausman would be enough.  Theo Epstein is a smart GM, probably the best in baseball, he will not trade away one of the best young players in baseball without getting something monumental in return.  The Orioles don’t have a deep minor league system but they would probably have to add a couple of top prospects to sweeten the deal for the Cubs.


If I were to make an educated guess I’d say this deal has about a 5% chance of happening.  Adding Javier Baez would definitely turn some heads in the baseball world, but I’m not convinced it would be the smartest for the Orioles.  So it’s a trade that probably won’t happen, but it’s still fun to talk about.

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