MLB Odds To Win The 2015 World Series Have Been Released, Let’s See Where The O’s Fall In Line

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Vegas Insider released the early odds to win the 2015 World Series, and the Orioles are the 8th favorite with 20/1 odds. I don’t at all feel disrespected here, seeing that every team given better odds is a legitimate title contender. The reigning champ Giants are only at 18/1, and the Dodgers and Nationals share the lead with 7/1 odds.

I think the O’s are a pretty solid value pick at 20/1, so go ahead and lay your money down. If Markakis and Cruz are resigned, I’d expect their odds to rise, so take a gamble and get your bets in now. But if I had to lay money down at this moment, I’d put my money on the Cardinals. At 15/1 you get a good return for your money, and they’re always in the hunt in late October. A winning franchise with an ace the quality of Wainwright can never be counted out.


If you’re looking for some high risk-high reward value I like the odds given to the Reds at 35/1, and the Brewers at 45/1. Go ahead and lay 10 bucks down on the Brew Crew, and you might just luck out and make a keen $450.


If you’re really digging deep, take the Marlins. 55/1 on a team that should get Jose Fernandez back? You heard it here first.

via Vegas Insider

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