MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal Breaks Down Exactly What Happened With The Orioles’ Zach Britton Trade Failure

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None of us Orioles fans wanted the O’s to be buyers instead of sellers at this years’ trade deadline. And I’d actually argue that even though they made improvements to the club rather than selling, they still weren’t buyers for this year. Tim Beckham is under contract for three years after this, and Jeremy Hellickson was probably brought in partially to relive the bullpen and/or Dylan Bundy of hitting too many innings.

But this detailed report from Ken Rosenthal is fascinating. (Obviously click where it says “see more” in the facebook post to read the rest of the report, in case you’ve never used the internet before). He basically said that the Orioles are one of the most difficult teams to deal with.

A lot of people are critical of the Orioles’ hesitancy to sign/trade for players with medical questions. There’s no doubt it’s annoying for us fans that the team passes on good players because of a medical condition that may or may not be a concern. But I actually like this about the Orioles. If we had traded Zach Britton for a highly thought of prospect who’s career never took off because of an injury, how would we feel then? Baseball players are suffering so many injuries these days, and missing so much time because of it, that you can never be too careful. So the fact that the O’s passed on a Britton for prospects trade because of health reasons for those prospects isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

But it is discouraging to read everything about how difficult the O’s are to deal with. It seems like it’s preventing us from acquiring good players, and that type of thing could cost the franchise a lot of success.



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