Mistakes, Crappy Running Game, Doom Terps In 37-15 Loss To MSU

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In his pre-game write up, The Chode talked about how important it was for the Terps to run the football in their prime-time home matchup with Michigan State.  Ohio State, Indiana, and Perdue had all enjoyed success against the Spartans doing just that, and if the Terps were to have any chance against the Spartans they would need to have the same success on the ground.  But Maryland had no such success, rushing for 6 total yards for the entire contest on only 17 carries- a measly 0.4 yards per attempt.  Maryland also turned the ball over four times (including a CJ Brown thrown pick-six). and these turnovers, coupled with the anemic running game, doomed the Terps to another blowout loss to a ranked team.


The Terps may not have deserved such a fate- especially on the defensive side of the football.  The Spartans held just a 16-7 lead until the Brown pick six came with under two minutes left in the third quarter.  I’m not a big moral victory guy, but the Maryland defense hung tough for most of this ballgame, and in a program that is going through a rebuild in the midst of a conference change, one could say that this game was a small moral victory for the defense.  They Terps are making strides and if Coach Edsall can continue with the improved recruiting, then maybe the next few years will be different in regards to being competitive against the big dogs of this new conference.


But for now the Terps will have to settle for being decent.  The offense proved that last night.  The Maryland o-line was bullied and mustering only six yards on the ground won’t get any football team a win on any level.  But Maryland has managed a 3-3 record so far in this new and decidedly tougher conference.  Strides are being made.  But it’s also obvious that on an overall talent level, the Terps still have a ways to go.


That being said, and Maryland’s three blowout losses against ranked Big 10 teams aside, the move to this new conference has created a certain level of excitement for the football program.  The Chode reported from his seats at sold out Byrd Stadium that the energy and atmosphere there last night was nothing short of electric.  A higher number of ranked and quality opponents has brought a higher number of college football fans to College Park.  But this new conference energy, and the novelty of seeing the likes of Ohio State and Michigan State live and in person, will lose its luster if the Terps continue to fail to answer the bell against elite competition.  After two or three more seasons of blowouts, the fans will stop coming and the football program will be right back where it started when Edsall took the job four seasons ago.  Maryland showed some strides by hanging tough for three quarters against State last night. But we in the Big Ten now homie, if the blowouts continue, hanging tough definitely won’t be enough to keep folks interested and engaged.  Maryland needs to keep the program moving forward- to fail to do so would fail to justify the move to the Big 10.

Now let’s go up to Michigan and beat the snot out of the Wolverines.  Michigan is down this year, so it can be done, but we’ll probably need more than six yards rushing.



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