Mission BBQ, On Point and Coming To A Location Near You

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You know when you try a place, and two days later you go back, you’ve found something.  That’s the way I feel about Mission BBQ, as I have visited their Perry Hall location twice in three days (which is a twenty minute drive from my house).  The food is very much worth the mileage on the SUV.

  I had heard the buzz about the place from a few people since it opened its doors in 2011, but had never made it down to P-Hall.  I didn’t realize what I had been missing.  Mission BBQ’s meats are all smoked and marinated for hours in their enormous smoker and paired with their six different homemade BBQ sauces.  The sandwiches are served on fresh potato rolls with generous portions of whichever meat you choose.  They offer brisket, turkey, sausage, chicken, or pulled pork.  I plowed through the turkey, brisket, and pulled pork, and all were ridiculously good. 

  A key for any BBQ restaurant is their sides, and Mission is spot on with theirs.  The baked beans and cold slaw are fresh, and their fries are alarmingly good and get even better with the various dipping sauces that are provided at your table (try the bay-b-que sauce with your fries).  I also highly recommend the corn bread, which tastes like it just came out of a fat southern women’s oven two minutes ago. 

  They have a great kids menu as well, which makes it easy as a parent to go back.  The Mac and cheese was a big hit with my two year old, while my ten month old daughter couldn’t get enough of the corn bread.  You can also get kid sized sliders with your choice of turkey or brisket. 

  The concept is cool as well at Mission BBQ.  They cater to veterans and have a huge patriotic theme; they even go as far as playing the national anthem every day at noon.  It’s just a great overall experience for the whole family.  It’s fast, it’s not expensive, and you won’t leave hungry.  Word around the campfire is that they are going to start spreading rapidly in the next year or so.  Look for a location coming to your area, but don’t wait to check them out, it’s worth the drive.



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