Mike Pettine Made The Right Decision Starting Hoyer

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Don’t look now, but people are actually talking about the Browns. That’s right, the perennial shithouse team that makes a permanent residence in the basement of the AFC North. Today ,first year head coach Mike Pettine announced that veteran Brian Hoyer will start week one. Johnny Football will be relegated to holding a clipboard for the first part of the season.
I’m totally on board with this decision if I’m a Cleveland fan. Bottom line is, the kid is not anywhere close to being ready to be an NFL starting quarterback. That was  clearly evident Monday night when he flipped off the Redskins’ bench. Starting QB’s don’t do immature shit like that, period. This finger follows all the other off the field bullshit that comes with Johnny Football. Look, I don’t blame the kid, he’s 21 years old and has the world by the balls. He’s rich, he’s never met a girl who wouldn’t fuck him, and everybody knows him and his every move. It’s got to be impossible not to be a dick in his shoes. I get it, it’s good to be Johnny Manziel.

That being said, he is nowhere close to being a solid starting quarterback. Name one other successful quarterback who has a persona anywhere close to Manziel’s. Quarterbacks have to be so entrenched in football just to even be average. I don’t see Johnny Manziel being the type of guy who is the first one there, and the last one to leave every day. At least not yet, because he doesn’t get it yet. Tom Brady is an enormous celebrity, he’s married to a supermodel, and he’s one if the hardest working players in the league. Between Brady and his wife Giselle, they made over 78 million dollars last year. Don’t you think it would be really easy for him to mail it in at this point of his career? But he doesn’t, because he is driven by something; and that’s winning. I don’t see that motivation from Manziel, although he claimed to Jon Gruden that he has it. That definitely remains to be seen.

The decision by Pettine also gives him a very easy two-way go for later in the season. If the Browns are competitive with Hoyer, then he can stick with him and make a push for the playoffs. But if the Hoyer experiment fails, which it probably will, then he can send Manziel in to try and revitalize the team. We already know that the Browns will be without Josh Gordon for at least half the season, and that leaves them with scraps as far as weapons in the passing game. So why let Manziel go in there with no help where he is basically destined to fail. It makes for a much brighter future for the team if Hoyer starts and fails, than if Manziel starts and fails right off the bat. This way, Manziel can learn and get more comfortable in the offense.  And Mike Pettine can buy himself more than maybe just one year as head coach. We all know how quick Cleveland is to oust head coaches.

Manziel needs to learn the NFL game as well. He plays with reckless abandon, which can be good, but he needs to temper it. He is awfully small, and it shows in the pocket. I can already see him getting absolutely destroyed by a pass rusher as he’s dancing in the pocket trying to make a play. That cowboy stuff will not last in the NFL. Big Ben does it, and he is 6’5″ 245 pounds, and he is almost always banged up. How do you think Manziel’s 190-pound frame will handle the kind of pounding that style of play will entail. He won’t last playing that way.


The Browns are taking the right path here. They have a very strong defense, and Brian Hoyer can play game manager. With a successful running game and good special teams play, there’s a chance the Browns won’t embarrass themselves until Gordon returns. To me, that’s the time to turn to Johnny Football. Either way, I just hope he’s starting by the time the Browns visit Baltimore, because I can’t wait for Mosley to knock his cocky-ass out.

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