Mike Moustakas Over Manny Machado In The All Star Game Is As Stupid As The Game The Royals’ Fans Are Playing With The Ballot.

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Mike Moustakas currently leads the AL All-Star balloting for third basemen with over 9 million votes.  Josh Donaldson is a close second, with also over 9 million votes.  In a distant third place is Nick Castellanos with 1.7 million votes.  Somehow Manny is in fourth with 1.3 million votes.  We’ve been slacking with the All-Star voting O’s fans, and with the season Manny’s having, it’s a damn shame.

If Josh Donaldson ends up starting the ASG, I’m okay with that, despite his punch-able face and overall awful demeanor.  I’m okay with him starting the All-Star Game because he’s got big numbers and he’s playing well.  It is what it is and credit is due.  But Mike Moustakas doesn’t deserve to play, or go, to an All-Star Game ahead of Manny Machado.  (Neither does Nick Castellanos, but his Nick’s number are such a joke that we don’t even need to make him a part of this argument.  I mean the guy’s batting .219.)


So that means we’re sizing up Moustakas and comparing him to Manny.  The Royals and their fans are playing cute little games with the All Star Game and that’s stupid and lame.  Back in the day, the ballots that MLB would hand out at games were sacred to real baseball fans.  Sure, I wanted to punch the hole out next to every Oriole, but dammit Rich Dauer wasn’t better than Lou Whitaker.  He just wasn’t, so I grudgingly voted for Sweet Lou over Rich.  The All Star Vote was done out of respect for the game, and so the best would play the best in July.  But sentiments, and times, have changed.  Fans can vote online and fan bases can make a mockery of the all start game by voting multiple times for whomever they want.  Ol’ Rich Dauer may stand a chance these days.


That’s not to say that Moustakas is having a poor season, he isn’t.  But Machado is just better.  Defensively, it’s not even close.  Sure, Manny had a bit of a dip earlier this season with the glove, but he was coming back from major knee surgery.  His form has returned and over his career, Manny’s easily been the best defensive third baseman in baseball.  And he’s got the Platinum Glove to prove it.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Baltimore Orioles

Manny’s also better offensively.  Moustaks has never had a good offensive season until this season.  And even in 2015 he doesn’t quite stack up to Machado. Look:

Machado:  .304 AVG/14 HR/ 39 RBI/ 26 BB/ 83 H/ .884 OPS/ 3.6 WAR

Moustakas:   .327 AVG/ 6 HR/ 28 RBI/ 15 BB/ 81 H/ .846 OPS/ 2.94 WAR

The only category that Moustakas is better in is batting average.  Machado’s power numbers are much better and I’ll take more total bases over twenty points in average any day.  Really, Machado’s overall WAR tells the story.  He’s more valuable a player than Moustakas is.  He’s the real All Star.

So K.C. can play silly games on the net and abuse the system to get their guy on the field in Cincy next month.   In Baltimore we know who the better third baseman is.  He’s the best in the game, and he mans the hot corner 81 times a year at The Yard.


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stats do not reflect today’s win vs Boston

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