Mike Huckabee’s Latest Ad Campaign Is…You Guessed It, An Adele Parody

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What the hell did I just watch? Every politician is pulling out all the stops this election season, so it’s no wonder one of them would capitalize on this song…I guess. I could only imagine this idea being presented to Huckabee by his advisers. ” Mike, all the kids are going nuts over this Adele song, so we’re thinking parody…no way you can lose after this.”

Iowa will drop to their knees with these lyrics

Hello? Sioux City,
Your Woodbury County Super Club has quite a cute baby,
Try the pork chops, baked beans,
Just as good as Pizza Ranch and Le Mars ice cream.

Hello? Ankeny,
Arctic blasts, sub-zero chills, campaigning is a dream,
I got frostbite, gangrene,
Iowans are not for sale, they’re stubborn and picky.

There’s just no difference between Obama
And Hillary.

Hello from the Caucus night,
If Bernie wins I’m gonna die,
This crazy circus, it’s gone cuckoo-ca-choo,
And Huckabee is the guy who’s long overdue.

Here’s the Wiz Khalifa parody for comparison

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