Middle School Coach Fired For Planning To Take His Players To Hooters

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Oregon-  Evidently Hooters is too racy for some folks.  Some parents complained when football Coach Randy Burbach decided to have the season ending awards party at Hooters.  He wouldn’ t change the venue, telling his kids that they should stand up for what they believe in.  Don’t worry Coach, we believe in cleavage and wings too. But then he then got fired.  Huh?  These kids will see more flesh at the community swimming pool next summer. Meanwhile these poor little bastards are robbed of their chance to experience the low cut tops and the short orange shorts that are the trademark of the Hooter’s girls.  How dare a few tightly wound parents rob these kids of half racks and peach bottom dreams.  You work your ass off to play middle school football, practicing in August heat and getting your brains beat in every Friday night or Saturday morning so your pathetic, never athletic parents can live out some pseudo kid will make the NFL fantasy, and what thanks do you get?  Some asshole Mom complains and yanks the Hooters awards dinner out from under ya. It’s bullshit.  You want ’em playing a man’s sport?  Let ’em eat wings and stare at hot waitresses, that’s what men do.

Coach Burbach- Fan of Hooter’s

Half Rack Dreams

No Hooter’s?! ….sigh


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  1. What is the world coming too.

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