Mickey Gone From 98 Rock Morning Show

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mickey coverYour ride to work will sound a little different from now on.  Mickey Cucchiella is leaving the 98 Rock Morning Show.  If you didn’t listen to 98 Rock’s Morning Show, you probably don’t give a shit about this, but many of us Baltimorons did and Mickey’s departure will leave a large hole in our morning commutes.  Mickey was the driving force behind a wildly successful show that made a lot of people laugh every day.  He also did a lot for the community (especially Special Olympics), and he always seemed gracious toward other local entertainers and business owners. He’s always been just a local dude made good, and I always thought that was pretty cool.

Mickey gave a statement this morning on the air saying that he was leaving due to depression and other personal issues.  That’s all well and good, and if he needs the time off he should take it, but considering all that he’s done for that station, one would think a leave of absence would be in order.  Instead Mickey is out, which may lead us to believe there is more to the story than merely Mickey’s personal issues.  If so, that’s fine, but if not, 98Rock should be ashamed of themselves for not standing by one of their most recognizable personalities during his time of need.

But regardless of all that, thanks for the morning memories Mickey, and get better.  We know in the long run you’ll be just fine.

Oh well babes, at least you won't have to pose for anymore of these queer looking promos.

Oh well babes, at least you won’t have to pose for anymore of these queer looking promos.

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