Michigan State Fan Offers Kiss & Boob Flash In Exchange For Final Four Ticket

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I love this girl’s confidence and assertiveness, but she’s out of her damn mind if she thinks a kiss and a boob flash is worth a Final Four ticket. It’s 2015, lady, I can see infinite titties on the internet for free. Currently on StubHub, the cheapest ticket to the Michigan State/Duke game will set you back $522.39 to sit in the nosebleeds. So yeah, I don’t care if she’s Helen of Troy, that’s a horrendous trade. Like Frank Robinson for Milt Pappas bad. The way I see it, she’ll probably have to bang somebody if she wants to see Travis Trice bang 3s in person. Sorry sweetheart, I’m sure those breasts are lovely, but that’s Supply and Demand 101.

via Larry Brown Sports
cover pic: ABC Los Angeles

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