Michael Phelps Returns To U.S., Quickly Greeted With An Awkward Interview Attempt

Entertainment, News — August 17, 2016 at 8:25 pm by

I couldn’t agree more with how Phelps handled this. Throughout the whole Olympics, you couldn’t go one minute without hearing about Michael Phelps, and he was graciously shaking hands and kissing babies. Not to mention, he did all of this while winning a bunch of medals.

A busy week, indeed. Now, you’ve finally get off the plane(I’d imagine an awful flight with an infant), and Good Morning Arizona is waiting like vultures. There is no question Phelps will go on a press tour, but that day isn’t today.

Talk about a sad, puppy dog reporter. You cant deny his hustle, but he must be out of his mind if he thinks he’s getting the first Phelps’, post-Olympics interview.$$$.



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