Michael Phelps Joins The Rock In The Latest ‘Baywatch’ Promo

Entertainment — May 16, 2017 at 10:33 am by

How is this movie not out yet? Here I am thinking I missed Baywatch in theaters, only to find out it  that its release date is May 25th. They’ve been promoting this for months, and still churning out new ways to gain some momentum for the opening weekend. In the latest 30 second promo, we see Michael Phelps’ acting chops, as he tries to join the Baywatch team. Dwayne Johnson is the last person that needs help selling tickets, but I guess if you have a movie about the beach, a promo with the GOAT of swimming can’t hurt. Phelps isn’t exactly DeNiro, but props to his career. Win a gazillion medals for swimming, star in commercials with The Rock on a random Monday, because you can…

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