Michael Phelps’ Alleged Girlfriend Was Born A Man

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Michael Phelps, 29, has reportedly been dating Taylor Lianne Chandler, 41. Today, Chandler told Radar that she was born an intersex baby named, David Roy Fitch. Via Radar:

“I was born with male genitalia with no testicles, but I also have a uterus and no ovaries,” she explains. As a teen, Chandler decided to change her name to Paige Victoria Whitney, and later underwent surgery to become the woman she always dreamed of being. However, the busty stunner admits to Radar that she never told her gold-medal Olympian lover, 29, about her gender-bending past— even after their hot hookup sessions.

Chandler says the couple met on Tinder in August, and later met up at ladies man Phelps’ Baltimore home to watch the Ravens football game on September 21.“One thing led to the next, and we made love during halftime,” she says. “Later, we had sex again. The intimacy with him was amazing! It was the first time in my life that someone has made me feel like a true woman.”

After party boy Phelps was arrested for drunk driving and entered treatment in October, Chandler says she spilled all about her complicated past in an email. Phelps has yet to respond.“I never lied to him,” Chandler insists. “We were together for such a short period of time, I never had a chance to tell him about my life.” Though Phelps is expected to complete treatment this week, Chandler isn’t sure their relationship will continue. “Michael is a brand, and dating someone like me may not be the best thing,” she says. “I just hope he follows his heart and not what his people tell him.”

Jesus Christ, that’s a brutal e-mail to receive. “Hey Mike, I gotta tell ya something. It’s no big deal, but I used to have a dick, and my name was Dave. Hope rehab’s been fun! Love ya!” In all seriousness, I can’t even imagine how difficult it is being an intersex person, and Chandler clearly has the right to live her life in whatever way makes her happy. Having said that, how the fuck did she not tell him that before they had sex? I feel like that’s a situation where you’ve gotta lay your cards out on the table before taking your relationship to the next level. Either way, Phelps has certainly had himself a couple turbulent months.

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  1. Let’s see, he got a ticket speeding under water in the tunnel, thanks ironic. Now..is his “brand” under water?
    3 strikes you’re out in my book
    Mikes’s as sharp as a bowling ball and couldn’t stay in his lane.

  2. Well, Its not as bad as if she really was a Transgender…. Venus (Sons of Anarchy) comes to mind… This is different, 99% of the 100 or so Hermaphrodites born each year are biologically women. The Penis is an extra part that grows, sometimes these women can actually have children too. Most do have surgury to remove the male parts, but even if they are raised as a male, they will grow as a woman does and most likely never produce testosterone

    In her case, I think she might of wanted to wait before going public…To each their own tho…

  3. Sounds like the author needs to learn the difference between transgender and intersexual. She couldnt be born as a man if she had both boy and girl bits, idiot.

    • Sounds like the entire internet does then, as that’s the headline for every article on it. At least one said “she was born a man in name only.” Of course buried in the article.

      It also seem that the interwebs need to rethink the definition of girlfriend, because tinder date does not a girlfriend make…

  4. Why didn’t she tell him, yes…but more importantly, why is she telling the media and all of us?! This makes no sense at all, except as a case of a nutbag wanting money and her 15 minutes of fame.

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