Michael Douglas Is Messing With My Mind

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Ol’ Boy Michael Douglas is really fucking shit up these days.  First, he’s dressed in feathers and making out with Matt Damon in some Liberace movie,  not that there’s anything wrong with that, but Gordon Gekko doesn’t make out with guys.  No, no, no, Gordon destroys people, gets filthy fucking rich, takes over any damn company he wants and then bends the law to his will in order to make even more money.  Then he parties hard with high-end booze, Columbian white, and some expensive whores.  Annnd,  as if that isn’t enough, he decides to beat the shit out of goody-two-shoes Charlie Sheen in Central Park for an encore.    It’s 80’s greed 101 and it’s beautiful.  Greed is good.

Next, in order to destroy everyone around him and in order to destroy everyone’s fantasies concerning his wife nationwide, Mike Douglas does some interview and tells everybody that he got throat cancer from the HPV virus transmitted during oral sex.  Is he throwing his wife under the bus for this?  C’mon man, she’s Catherine Zeta Jones.  If she has HPV it isn’t up to you to tell us.  If it’s from someone else please clarify, it isn’t fair to your woman.   Zeta Jones is hot personified, don’t spoil my mental images with VD.  Though I must say, if she did have HPV and we were hanging out, it would be an easy decision to still take that proverbial roll in the hay.  I can’t blame the man for still wanting to give the wife a polish, but leave it up to her to make her gynecologist appointment public knowledge.  Ridiculous.


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  1. He used to smoke like a chimney. This is so stupid.

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