Merry Fuc@ing Easter Boston! Birds Gift Wrap Sunday Night Primer For The Sox

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The Run  Down

Getting too upset about a baseball game in April is pretty damn stupid.  So call me stupid.  Last night’s absolute Orioles disaster in Boston still has me bitter.  The O’s dropped, threw, and Bad News Beared their way to a 6-5 “walk-off” loss at freezing Fenway Park on ESPN Sunday night baseball.  The Birds were up 5-0 and then the game began to resemble this in the field for the Birds…..

The O’s gave this one away in the field.  Jonathan Schoop, who is making former third baseman Mark Reynolds look like Brooks Robinson, and Ryan Flaherty , who moved over to short stop once JJ Hardy left the game with a tweaked hamstring, both committed ugly errors in the two run Boston seventh that tied the game.  Flaherty dropped a double play ball on his exchange – everybody was safe.  Of course the runner should have been called out because Flaherty touched second with possession and then dropped the ball while attempting to take the ball out of his glove in order to throw to first base.  But Buck didn’t challenge the safe call, and it didn’t matter because he wouldn’t have won anyway. Evidently this is baseball’s version of the tuck rule; aka a stupid rule that they won’t fix.  The runner was out at second, the ball would have never been dropped if their was no attempt made towards first base.  But in MLB’s eyes a drop is a drop and the runner is safe.  Regardless of the rule, Flaherty should have turned two;  it’s a mess out there in the infield with Manny Machado on IR and JJ Hardy constantly being day-to-day.

Hey Ry Guy, you need that….

We won’t even get into the David Lough throwing error/Jonathan Schoop cut-off error, to end the game…
It was a shame too, especially because Ubaldo Jimenez pitched his best game of the year, allowing three runs in five and a third.  But the O’s defense let him, and the bullpen, down.
Other Game Notes:
The ESPN/Red Sox love affair is old and stale.  The announcers were about as impartial as an all Paula Deen jury would be in a black on white crime trial.  (Or any trial involving George Zimmerman.) It’s just silly listening to them hand stroke the Sox at every opportunity.
At least Adam Jones came to play last night.  Jonesy went 4-5 with an RBI and a lead off double in the ninth.  The O’s of course failed to get him home.
Nelson Cruz hit his third home run of the year and went 2 for 5.
Chris Davis is really struggling, I miss the Crusher.
Next Up:
Birds and Sox square up in a Patriot’s Day special in about 45 minutes.  ( 11:05 A.M)
Chen (2-1) vs Bucholz (0-1)
 Let’s Go O’s!

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