Meredith Barber and Her Ex-Boyfriend Are In Full Scale RGIII Money Grab Mode

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RGIII is on his honeymoon with his new wife.  It’s probably not going well.  All week a chick from VCU named Meredith Barber is claiming she has pics and texts from ol’ dog RG.  One of which was sent the night before his wedding.  Some website offered $500 whole dollars for them.  She refused them, saying she wanted more money.  I guess she figured they’d offer thousands.  Then Meredith said she never tried to sell the pics.  Now an ex-boyfriend of hers is saying he has RGIII dick pics and affair type texts and blah, blah, blah.  He wants $25k for the damaging info.  RGIII, of course denies that any of this stuff is from him etc. etc.  It’s a they say, he say, but it sounds like a straight-up money grab to me babes.  I really don’t give a shit if it’s true or not, but I find it fascinating that athletes and famous dudes constantly text pictures of their junk to money-grubbing hos.  Chicks like this are screaming for attention, they are showing this shit to everybody they know.  Meanwhile, I hope Meredith Barber is enjoying all this fame and self-imposed negative attention.  Maybe she’ll do us all a favor and just take the next natural step on the ho fame ladder, porn.

mb cover

This Meredith next to a tree. She is thinking of RGIII and $500 buckaroos!


Could be a pornish style pillow.




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