Melo Trimble To Enter NBA Draft, Will Hire Agent

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Melo declared for last year’s NBA draft, but never hired an agent, so he was able to return for his junior season at Maryland. This time, Melo decided to hire an agent, which there is no coming back from. This officially marks the end of Melo Trimble’s time at Maryland.

Melo won’t be taken in the first round, and it wouldn’t be unthinkable that he doesn’t get drafted at all.

I don’t know Melo’s academic situation, or his financial situation, but to me this isn’t the right move. Coming back for his senior year wouldn’t get Melo drafted any higher, so he’d have to play for free for one more year, so there is a quality argument to be made for him leaving. But if Melo came back, he’d have his jersey hanging in the rafters, and would be regarded as one of the best Terps ever, and the best since Juan Dixon over a decade ago. And it’s not like his draft stock is really high this year, and he’d risk losing it. Melo is Melo, and he’ll get drafted (or not drafted) in the same spot whether he leaves this year or next. And because of this, he should have played out his last year in College Park, and been a Maryland great forever.

 Here’s a statement from Melo:

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